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The Centre for Minimal Access Surgery (CMAS), a McMaster University Centre located at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, was established in the fall of 1999. As a state-of-the-art multi disciplinary technological education and research centre, it was designed to increase the awareness and understanding, as well as support the research and development, of the specialized techniques of minimal access surgery and surgical innovation.

Our vision is three fold, education and skills training to advance the caliber and scope of minimal access training, research and development in robotics and surgical innovations, and telehealth through the development of mission critical telehealth applications. These applications will incorporate the newly developed innovations and provide support to the surgeons and the communities in which they practice.

CMAS’s increasing scope has prompted the creation of the McMaster Institute of Surgical Invention, Innovation and Education (MISIIE). This University/Hospital Institute facilitates collaborative relationships with Faculties including Engineering and partnerships with industry.


Mehran Anvari

Renee Shibish

Research Coordinator

Lucy Batt
Program Director, Nursing

Margherita Cadeddu
Associate Director

Trevor Chapman
IT Analyst

Marie Fairgrieve

Scott Gmora

Faculty, Bariatric

Dennis Hong
Program Director, Bariatric

Anil Kapoor
Associate Program Director, Urology

Edward Matsumoto
Program Director, Urology

Arlene Morgan
Education Coordinator

Amin Nalin

Faculty, General Surgery

Fellows (2014-2015)

Xian Kang
MIS (Canadian)

Elaine Lam
MIS (Canadian)

Uri Kaplan

MIS (International)

Luciano Ambrosini
MIS (International)

Babak Katiraee

MIS (International)