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Post-Bariatric Surgery Pain Protocol Study

Evaluating the effects of implementation of a bariatric Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocol on post-operative opioid consumption.


Studying microbiome, eating risk factors, and genetic biomarkers in the bariatric surgical population through a multi-disciplinary approach combining standard clinical information collected in the Ontario Bariatric Registry with data from basic sciences research.  


A randomized controlled trial comparing bariatric surgery to medical treatment in obese patients with high cardiac risk.

Bariatric Surgical Outcomes

Studying long-term outcomes for bariatric surgery in various populations (BMI < 50 vs. >50, patients with and without diabetes at baseline).

Pregnancy and Fertility in Bariatric Patients

Studying the effects of bariatric surgery on fertility and pregnancy outcomes.


If you are interested in participating in research studies at CMAS, please contact:

Karen Barlow
Research Coordinator